shutterstock_104501705-editedDonated eggs will be used to treat infertility patients who require donor eggs to conceive a child. The donated eggs collected by Egg Donors Australia will only be used by patients attending City Fertility.

Fertility treatments are available to single women, sexually and gender-diverse couples, and heterosexual couples. Fertility units are required by law not to discriminate based on marital or sexual preference.


How Many Recipients can Benefit From my Donation?

The person conceived using donor gametes, and the donor of gametes need to be protected from the consequences of having many siblings and offspring, respectively. Under the legislation, a donor can donate to 5 families in Western Australia, 10 women in Victoria and 10 in New South Wales (this includes the donor and any current or former partner of the donor). In Queensland, there is no legislated limit for donations; however, City Fertility has set a maximum of 10 families as its policy position. This means up to 10 or 5 women/families with children who are genetic siblings due to your donation; please note there may be more than one child per family.

Our donor coordinators are available to discuss any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.


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    The donation of reproductive tissue in Australia must be altruistic; and
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